The location of Erifili

Faros is considered one of the most advantageous spots of the island,
as it has three beautiful beaches.

Here’s where the Erifili houses are. Built on a hill with a panoramic view of the sea, settlement beaches and the cape of Chrysopigi.

Faros is considered one of the most advantageous spots of the island as it has three beautiful beaches (Fassolou, Faros, Glyfo).
All three of them are a stone’s throw away from the house and the visitor can get to them either on foot following the cobblestone path or by car.
Fasolou Beach is covered for the most part by tamarisks and it has a view to Chrisopigi. The bottom of the sea is sandy, with the occasional thicket of posidonia. Behind the beach there is a restaurant-grill house.
Faros is also the name of the central beach of the village, with a golden beach ideal especially for families with young children.The town of Faros features restaurants and fish taverns, a café, with tables by the sea, as well as a mini market.
From Faros starts one of the most beautiful and important paths of Sifnos, the path that connects it with Kastro, the former capital of the island.
From the outskirts of Faros and following the charming cobblestone path for 100m, you arrive at the second beach of the area, Glyfo. The waters there are striking blue and you will find shade under the tamarisks.
From Glyfo starts the well-used cobblestone seaside path of Sifnos that leads to the sacred rock of Chrisopigi with the namesake church, and to Apokofto Beach (about 20min. Walk).

Distances in numbers:

  • Kamares (port) 12km
  • Apollonia (capital of Sifnos) 7km
  • Fassolou beach 350m
  • Faros beach 250m
  • Glyfo beach 400m
  • Bus stop 300m

Photos of the Faros area

The beaches Fassolou and Faros in Sifnos
The village of Faros in Sifnos
The beach of Faros
The beach of Fassolou at Faros
The beach Fassolou in Sifnos
The beach Glyfo in Sifnos
The footpath from Glyfo to Chryssopigi
Reviews from customers of Erifili in Sifnos

We had a magical time at Jenny's beautiful home. There is not enough space here to say just how great it is -- but a few highlights. * Perfectly situated on a hill with a gorgeous panoramic view of Faros Bay, the Chrysopigi monastery on the water, and the highest mountain on the island. * Jenny is the perfect hostess. She gave us a warm welcome (accompanied by her niece, Anna who speaks perfect English), supplied us with b'fast on our first morning, gave us invaluable advice on visiting the island, and had a beautiful, warm presence. She also arranged for cleaning every few days, free of charge. * The house has a large, breezy veranda with reclining chairs, and a dining room table on which we spent many lingering mornings, afternoons and evenings. The inside is very nicely furnished and decorated and dappled in sunlight--it has a great vibe that makes us wish we had booked it for two weeks. Kitchen is stocked, with brand new appliances -- even has an espresso machine that Jenny stocks. * The location couldn't be better. A short, beautiful walk down the hill brings you to Faros--a small destination port town, with a small market, great restaurants, and easy access to three of Faros great swimming spots. There's also a 500 m lighted path along the shoreline to the iconic Chrysopigi Monastery where you can swim off of the rocks. * We were so happy in Faros, that we didn't even rent a vehicle 'til our last few days on the island since we were so happy exploring the Peninsula on foot. * Lastly, our friends who have been in Sifnos for 20 years visited on our last day and said that this was one of the best spots they had ever seen on the island. We couldn't recommend this place more highly.


What to do on Sifnos

Sifnos offers countless options on having a fine time and making the most of your vacation! Hikes along marked paths, relaxing walks through the settlements of the island, boat trips to hidden beaches and neighbouring islands, water sports, horseback rides, cultural events (theatre, concerts, exhibitions etc.), traditional fairs filled with music and scrumptious treats.

We will be delighted to provide all the useful information you might need to facilitate your stay in Sifnos (e.g. bus timetables, contact number for car/motor bike rental companies, taxis).